We are on-line! fireislandsTen10fleet

This evening at 5 p.m. (UTC+2) Pupuce, aka. Aude hit the delete button for the temporary homepage and opened the seas for these wonderful boats.

fireislandsTen10fleet is born

Aude is studying geography at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. She is just now doing the last exams for her master in geography – mastering in urban science. She is the perfect person to push this button for this outstanding project looking forward to explore the world.

The whole crew wishes good look to the initiator of this project. Looking forward to seeing fireislandsTen10fleet sails all over the seas in the Visayas and even the northwest Pacific.

The fireislandsTen10fleet sloop
The fireislandsTen10fleet sloop


Cheers from Switzerland

Working in Switzerland far from the sea at 1500 meters above sea level. The contrast couldn’t be stronger. In Camiguin it’s now 32°C, here it is only 10°C. But the change is stimulating with a lot of fun.

And soon, very soon, the first sloop will sail off the sandy beaches of Agoho. Of course we’ll post pictures from this very important event.

Working on the photo album
Working on the photo album
Temporary office in the Swiss alps - La Fouly
Temporary office in the Swiss alps – La Fouly

Cheers from the mountains, waebi

fireislandsTen10fleet is ready for launch

We are happy to inform you that our website and our first boats are ready to meet the world and the seas.

Busy months of work in the background are behind us. Now we are proud to show you our fireislandsTen10fleet boats on this website. Soon you will see our first customer sailing his sloop  from the sandy beach of Agoho to White Island.

We are just doing some fine-trimming and last polishing.

Barry & Meloni

We hope to see you soon in Anito on Camiguin Island.