Cruising Schooner

The secret is how one 10 ft. Sloop hull with flat transom backs up to another Sloop hull, identical in every way except the bow configuration. One is a prow bow, the other a pram bow, allowing space for a rudder and outboard motor mount. This “converts” the 10 ft. Sloop rig into a 20 foot rig with big carrying capacity.

What makes it happen is the thru hull fastening mechanisms which allow the 2 hulls to be easily and quickly ( 60 seconds ) assembled in a foot or two of water. Imagine a 20 foot sailboat with twin masts and 4 sails, 56” wide with a carrying capacity of over 1800 lbs. ( 900 kg ) all brought down to the beach by 2 adults, and put together, ready to go, in about 10 minutes.

Unheard of in the Philippines or anywhere else. With the deep keelson and strakes on either side of the hull, all lined with metal rub rails to protect the hulls against sand and rocks, these boats are made for Philippine beaches and long time service.

Price:  PHP 145,000

Two 10 ft. sloops together make this 2 masts Schooner

The 10 ft. Sloop - base of our new fleet of watercraft. The 10 ft. Sloop - base of our new fleet of watercraft.


2 x 10 ft – LOA 20’4” – Beam 56”
Draft 9” – Weight 2 x 75 lbs (2 x 34 kg )
Displacement 1800 lbs ( 814 kg)

  • Two 16.5 f. , 2 section mast with SS halyard fittings on mast head, 3/4 fitting for fractional jib, boom gooseneck, ss blocks.
  • Two 7.5 ft. boom with gooseneck connection, mainsheet block, aft blocks and traveller system.
  • Two 55 sq. ft main of polyfine two tone canvas composite, complete with sail rings, reefing points, tri-color re-enforcing patches at head, clew and tack.
  • Two 25 sq.ft. fractional jib, set flying on permanent stay. All corners reenforced to match Mainsail.
  • Fiberglass rudder and SS tiller
  • Vinyl shrouds and braided running rigging
  • Sail-a-way ready!

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