Safepro Dive Platform

Constructed of 4 - 10 ft. hulls, bridged with a special steel framework which ties the entire structure together in a catamaran configuration, the Safepro Dive Platform has many outstanding features.

The center structure is a glass bottom assembly for previewing the dive site, which operates inside another steel cage platform descending 2 feet below the waterline for ease and safety of re-entry. Both structures operate on pulleys so they can be raised when the boat is underway and lowered in place on site.

The boat will accommodate up to 8 divers with equipment. Powered by the Yamaha 9.9 High Thrust Outboard, it can stop within it’s own length and has the same thrust in reverse as in forward gear. It has the added advantage of being very economical to operate.

The entire boat is modular and can be shipped by truck to a site anywhere in the Philippines or it can be containerized in a standard 8 ft. container for shipping anywhere in the world and assembled on site within 72 hours. NOTE: SHIPPING COSTS EXTRA

Price:  PHP 950,000

The Ocean Wave Theatre is a new way to view life under the sea.

The Ocean Wave Theatre is a new way to view life under the sea.


4 x 10 ft – LOA 20’4” – Beam 56”
Draft 9”
Displacement 3600 lbs ( 1628 kg)

  • Yamaha 9.9 High thrust, extra long shaft, remote control outboard,
    transom mounted.
  • 2x2x1/4 “ steel angle bar, special treated, ocean prepared modular grill locking together 4 hull units, with modular decking. 4x6 ft. cutout with superstructure to support tarp canopy and marine block and tackle system for raising and lowering the Ocean Wave Theatre and Dive Platform.
  • Seating for up to 16.
  • Control station with steerage, safety monitoring, communication euipment, engine controls, ship to shore radio.
  • Life vests for 24. Man overboard life ring. Boat Hook
  • 4’ x 6’x 2’ underwater viewing unit with metal sides. The whole unit rides inside 2x2x1/4” angle iron rails, with block and tackle arrangement.

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