Useful Links


Owning a boat means also doing some paperwork. Please find below the needed links to the authorities in the Philippines.

MARINA: The Maritime Industry Authority
BFAR: Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

Find Peers

Other boat owners and other sailors may answer your questions. Find them here: The Philippines website and forum for boat owners.

Maritime Weather

Weather matters! Wind, waves and currents determine if you sail or not. Check local weater here:

Local weather: At a glance
West Pacific weather: Satellite image loops
Maritime weather: Wave and Wind charts


Please find below links to our suppliers They might also have som add-ons you would like for your boat.

Western Marine: Western Marine
Paynes Marine: Paynes Marine Supply Group
Rekord Marine: Rekord Marine
Stevenson Marine: Stevenson Marine & Hardware

Restaurants in Camiguin

Sailing makes hungry and thirsty. Here are the best restaurants in Camiguin:

The Little Bridges, Taberna Ramada. The most comprehensive menu on the Island and Home of Crazy Pizza.
Watch for the new website coming soon.
We welcome our friends Jim and Evelyn at Casa Roca Inn , a great restaurant and Bed and Breakfast located in Naasag.

Recommended engines

Yamaha Portable Outboards 2.5, 4, and 9.9 hp four strokes
Honda Portable Outboards 2.5, 4 hp four strokes
Susuki Portable Outboards 2.5, 4 hp four strokes

Camiguin - sailing around White Island.