Features & Benefits

Built for all types of beaches

Easy handling

Basic 10 ft. Row/Power module weighs only 80 lbs. Two people can easily launch and retrieve. Lock the two 10 ft. modules together in shallow water in 60 seconds.
Rig and sail each 10 ft. Sloop in 10 minutes. Sail together as the 20 ft. Cruising Schooner with the whole family, or match race each 10 ft, as Sloop rigs, with a friend. One module is a Pram bow, the other a Prow bow, but the waterline lengths, sail rigs and displacements are identical making for perfect match racing.
The 10 ft. Sloop - base of our new fleet of watercraft.

High aspect ratio rig with sail rings ... high performance but allows beginners learning sailing to do so safely. If there is a need to reef, sail rings drop straight down in a second or two.

Custom features ... for personalizing your boat with color, names and/or logos.

SS flatbar skid rails ... under the center keelson and the side mounted skegs to protect your boat’s gel coat finish against stones, rocks, shells or corral.

Deep and long 10 ft. keelson ... eliminates the need for a daggerboard, making landfall at the beach a snap.


Hull chines and rubbing skegs ... .Fibre glass does not like flat layup surfaces. Curves and angles make for practical strength and interesting design accents.

Flat transoms ... Allow for adding length or in this case, another hull, and features like an outboard motor of 2-5 hp.( not supplied). Where the second hull is added, the bow for hull #2 is modified with a slight pram to take the rudder and a small outboard and function as the stern.

Positive foam buoyancy ... Fireisland’s boats are unsinkable. They have more positive foam flotation bonded into every hull than CoastGuard specs from many countries call for.

Custom heavy duty polypropylene thru hull fittings ... They allow you to double your pleasure, double your fun and increase your speed in the water by adding another module to assemble the 20 ft. Cruising Schooner rig for the whole family / or the Ocean Sailing Banka for more effective fishing. Together or apart, the fireislands modules have big room and carrying capacity, up to 900 lbs per 10 ft. module. That’s 1800 lbs with two 10’s together and 3600 lbs for the Catamaran.
Custom heavy duty polypropylene thru hull fittings.


Quality sails ... .when the wind is up good sails that give maximum performance and look good for years to come, really enhance the worth of your boat. The reef points are a must for safely handling those blustery days at sea.
Quality sails.

Custom SS fittings ... they organize and make everything work well on board. At sea, swift, strong and easy are big pluses, when sometimes there is little time to think..just do.

Hand laid up fiberglass ... I love wood. It is traditional and sometimes beautiful, but the world is running out of good trees. Hand laid up FRP is the best solution long term.

Custom oars, rudder and motor mounts ... heavy duty to keep it all together for years to come.

Fiberglass rudder and UHMW rudder stock with SS tiller and rubber hand grip.
Fiberglass rudder and UHMW rudder stock with SS tiller and rubber hand grip.

Fiberglass oar paddles with SS poles ( 2) and rubber hand grips. SS oar locks bolted thru the hull and luan varnished rails.


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