Ocean Sailing Banka

The fireislands Ten10 joins together to form the awesome 20 ft. Cruising Schooner with twin rigs totaling 150 sq. feet of wind power. It threads together in seconds, making family cruising available with a minimum of effort. Think of it! Each boat weighs only 85 lbs to carry to the water, but when together they have a combined displacement of over 1800 lbs (814 kg) carrying capacity. It’s the ultimate family fun on the water. When you’re back home, it comes apart just as easily when you want it to.
Important: it never comes apart accidentally, when you don’t want it to.

It can be driven with a 4.5-5 hp outboard engine very efficiently and economically.

As a Sailing Banka, combine the carrying cargo capacity with wind power for economical trips. The internal space is many times that of the traditional Banka. When the fishing grounds have been reached, drop the sails and lock the mast sections across the rails of the Banka . Hook the floating pods on the ends of the masts for amazing outriggers. Stow the booms or assemble them overhead for shade and rain protection. You can still carefully power with the outriggers in the water. The gas savings will make fishing much more profitable, and when you are back to shore, just empty the catch, unlock the 2 hulls, and carry everything to shore with just 2 adults. What could be easier? It’s revolutionary. Custom interior layouts for fish storage and optional gas powered inboard location. Motors not included.

Price:  PHP 145,000

Two 10 ft. sloops together make this 2 masts Ocean Sailing Banka

Two 10 ft. sloops together make this 2 masts Ocean Sailing Banka


2 x 10 ft – LOA 20’4” – Beam 56”
Draft 9” – Weight 2 x 75 lbs (2 x 34 kg )
Displacement 1800 lbs ( 814 kg)

  • Two 16.5 f. , 2 section mast with SS halyard fittings on mast head, 3/4 fitting for fractional jib, boom gooseneck, ss blocks.
  • Two 7.5 ft. boom with gooseneck connection, mainsheet block, aft blocks and traveller system.
  • Two 55 sq. ft main of polyfine two tone canvas composite, complete with sail rings, reefing points, tri-color re-enforcing patches at head, clew and tack.
  • Two 25 sq.ft. fractional jib, set flying on permanent stay. All corners reenforced to match Mainsail.
  • Fiberglass rudder and SS tiller
  • Vinyl shrouds and braided running rigging
  • Sail-a-way ready!

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